Why is a busy light so highly desired by relationship-based businesses? This is an often-asked question in business circles, especially those businesses that rely on relationships. A relationship-based business is one in which the business flourishes due to the efficient handling of clients or customers. In this type of business, a product or service may be marketed, but the business flourishes only due to timely support from the vendor.


Hence, incoming calls from a customer or client are of paramount importance and just cannot be ignored at any cost. In fact, the revenue flow to the business happens due to timely help and support by the vendor. Hence, there can be sales, customer support teams or a combination of both apart from many other major departments that may receive calls from a customer or client. In such a scenario, each call can be crucial, and a busy light can help the business to achieve its objectives. Following are some of the ways in which the status lights can be particularly useful.

  • A busy light can help a sales team- A busy light can be very helpful for a sales team in achieving its target. In all types of industries, sales professionals are allocated targets that can be on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis and for realizing it, a professional has to interact with potential customers, through a phone or otherwise. A status light can help a sales employee to concentrate on a customer or client’s call without being disturbed so that all types of queries can be answered correctly. It can create a very good impression upon a client or customer, and that can help in making a sale happen. Moreover, an employee can also feel assured that he will not be disturbed midway through a call and that can have a satisfactory effect on the call outcome.
  • Non-stop customer support can be provided – Businesses that rely heavily on customer support like a call center, e-commerce or a telecom operation can benefit immensely by using a busy light. These types of businesses employ teams of people whose sole aim is to receive customer calls or feedbacks and process them accordingly so that there is a satisfactory experience for customers. These are directly customer-driven businesses in which keeping a customer satisfied at all times is highly important. Hence, an employee on a call must not be disturbed midway.

The status lights can provide the best way of knowing whether an employee is on a call or not so that if the person has to be contacted in person, that can be done after a call.

  • Team members can feel highly satisfied- Businesses that use busy lights can feel highly satisfied through its use. It is because these simple LED lights can help an employee in completing a call successfully without being interfered by anyone. They can take their time and satisfy a customer and remain assured that they won’t be disturbed during the time. It can have a direct bearing on their productivity and confidence level that will surely rise with time. Both these aspects can be beneficial for the business.

Apart from the mentioned advantages, the productivity of team members can also be ascertained using a busy light. There are enhancements that can be connected to the device so that it can help in determining individual employee analytics within a specific period. This type of analyses can be quite useful for determining productivity, and that is why relationship-based businesses rely so heavily on busy lights.