After learning about the meaning and objectives of SEO the next important element is to know about the functioning. There are various stages involved in the working of Search Engine Optimization. Thus it is very relevant to understand that the SEO is not a static process. There are various factors as well as components that determine how efficient the working of a website is and also the SEO. It is a framework in which precise structures as well as rules have to be followed so that only the desired performance can be assured. The two important factors or stages that affect the reach of a particular website to the users are on-site SEO and off-site SEO Sydney. The first one says about all the rules that have to be applied on the website so that it becomes search engine friendly. The latter says about the promotion methods and techniques so as to get better search results.

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The need for Search Engine Optimization stays in connection with the fact that most of the people use the search engines for getting particular information. The rte of using of search engines by people is the most influential element for the development of that website. There are many answers as well as solutions that the common people seek from the search engines. Next is the tendency of people to go for which search results they get. Commonly many people tend to go for the first five results they get from the search engine.

Many studies show that people are not interested in selecting the last positioned search results since they think it is not relevant to the topic they search for or they are of least importance. Here arises the importance of SEO in order to be ranked in the first five positions in the search engine results. This is a common issue faced by many of the online stores or business groups. Unless you get in the top of the results in the search engine the common customers think they are not of good worth or reliable when compared with the top positioned groups.

It is also highly prominent about the Search Engine Optimization that the easiness in surfing the website is also considered to be a factor of positioning. SEO makes the website more users friendly as well as of high usability. It is a common fact that the people only go for website which are easy to use and understand. The trust of people on the search engines like Google or Yahoo, that they rank the most reliable and useful websites on the top is the next factor that affects the search engine optimization. When a website is ranked low there is a possibility of thinking that the website is of poor performance or is of lower credibility.

There are various factors that affect the functioning of SEO like the positioning of website in the search engines since the tendency of people is to choose the top most websites on the search engine results.