Wedding photographers are everywhere but they all have their own style, feel and attitude. Photos are not something that can be seen, touched, smelled or heard before the big day so it’s a tough decision and one that requires some research.

  1. Find your style

All wedding photographers have their own style so before going out look for one it is important that you and your partner settle on the type of photos you want from your wedding.

  • Documentary

This style is about capturing people in the moment and the environment that was the wedding. It means that there will be very few shots of people staring straight down the camera’s lens and more of everyone enjoying their time on the dance floor or having a conversation with a distant family member.

These photographers will also be capturing the beautiful environment in which the wedding is set, whether that is the view over the hills or a shot from above, it captures what the even looked like before guests had arrived.

  • Portrait

Portraiture is a more traditional approach to photography and certainly appealing for many who just want to get photos with each other at the wedding. There is still plenty pf room for creativity with this style as the setting for the photos can be interesting and fun.

  • Fine Art

This is a style that gives the photographer the most licence to really indulge in their artistic side. It can create really interesting images from various perspectives as well as make things seem more glamourous or simplistic than they actually were.

This is great for people who want to have some really special photos of their wedding day but aren’t too fussed with the reality of it all.

  1. Research

Do a thorough search of potential wedding photographers online and through recently married friends or family. Photographers will often provide blogs and a detailed insight into their photography on their website to give people a good understanding of their style and experience.

  1. Interview

If you are interested in a particular photographer be sure to call first to see if they are available on your wedding date. If they are then it is important to meet them in person and get to know them. See if they are willing to show you a full wedding album to get a clear idea as to the work they do.

If a your first choice isn’t available on the specified date, see if they are willing to recommend anyone that shoots in a similar style.

  1. Confirm who will be shooting

Often big studios will have multiple photographers and so unless it is discussed prior to the event, the person that you met with may not actually be the one who shoots the wedding. It’s great to have a couple of photographers at the wedding to ensure that every moment is captured but you definitely want to know it will be before the event so that you get along.

Discuss anyone that will be in attendance from the studios team, even if they aren’t shooting, to be sure that there are no surprises or additional costs.

  1. Check your rights

It’s important to be sure of your rights with regards to the photographs taken. Some photographers may include in the contract that they own the rights to all photos taken. This means that they can then use them for promotional efforts.

Some people might not be comfortable with this or want a discount included if this is the case, check the contract before signing off.

  1. Post-production

Knowing how long it will take for the photos to be ready is important to understand the amount of time that the photographer will be spending on them. Know how much editing will go into the photos and what your options are with regards to this.

Understanding what is being done to your photos and how many you can expect may be helpful in negotiating cost