A typical query among travelers visiting India is how to get rupees and handle it in the country. While there are institutions like AAA in the USA, Thomas Cook in England, and certain banks that help out with ‘buying foreign currency,’ this facility is not available everywhere.


In case you are traveling without rupees on hand, keep some of your own currency on hand. Try to take out money from ATMs at the airport upon arrival. Not only is this option way cheaper than currency exchange counters, but it is also a lot faster.

Some foreign banks also reimburse ATM costs that are charged in India. Look further into the banks that do this so that you do not have to pay anything when you draw money in India.

It is also important to have less than 10,000 rupees on you since there’s always a chance that you may lose or maybe even get robbed. You can always store cash in your own currency, and when the times comes, you can convert them if you’d like.

If you are looking to get Rupees before your trip, you can get some from either Thomas Cook if you are in England or from AAA if you are from the USA. Recently, Thomas Cook had stopped the sale of Rupees, but in order to make sure that they don’t, it is best to call and inquire.

Apart from AAA or Thomas Cook, banks in your city or town should also be checked as to whether or not they have Rupees available or not.


The smallest bill available is five rupees, and the highest is 2000 rupees, along with coins of various denominations. Note that due to a money crisis in the country, 1000 rupee notes are no longer available nor valid in India. This makes breaking the 2000 note difficult – try to do this the first chance you get so that you have smaller change on you.

There is a 10,000 rupee limit on cash withdrawals from some, if not all ATMs. There is usually no need to have such a large amount on you at all times. Try to plan and maintain a budget so as to keep track of how much money you have on you regularly, and to plan expenses easily. If you need a sum greater than 10,000 rupees, sending yourself money through the Western Union which is a simple process in India, will prove to be most effective.