The medical examination and forms for driver medicals have been revised. This is done due to the growth of people who want these driver medicals to be online – however, there are still quite a few people who do not prefer or even want electronic DOT medical forms. For such people there are the PDF versions of examination form which can be downloaded and these can then be printed. However, it is advisable to type these forms as handwriting is discouraged due to the lack of clarity and legibility.


Disadvantages of printed driver medicals

The disadvantages of printed medical forms and certificates for driver medicals are that:

  1. It does not reduce clutter or make the office paperless.
  2. Data retrieval too more cumbersome and time consuming in printed versions as compared to the electronic media.
  3. Data mining too is not possible when the OT driving assessment in paper form.

Rules for revised medical forms and certificates

One must know that the Integration Rule for Medical Examiner Certificates is in place. Before that one could record in accordance with the forms which were provided but right now these cannot be used. The revised forms need to be used as is. At times however, there are some changes which could be allowed – these are minor changes which are permitted by the medical examination report and are allowed from management in the office.

Ways the driver medical forms can be modified or altered

Some examples are:

  1. Adding of  the barcode. The only precaution which needs to be taken is that the barcode should not obstruct any of the content of the form.
  2. The instructions can also be resized but the revised version of instructions should be readable.
  3. the instructions which are there on the medical examination form when it is presented to the medical examiner or to the driver for filing in,  can be filled in as well as filed and stored without the instructions accompanying it.
  4. The MCSA 5875 as well as the MCSA 5876 can be printed either in colour or in black and white.

Ways in which the forms cannot be altered or modified

  1. What is not allowed is any alteration, changes or additions to the content.
  2. One cannot change the position of where the content is located on the form
  3. One cannot change the instructions
  4. Company logos cannot be added to the forms
  5. The record number space on the medical form MCSA 5875 cannot be used for social security numbers.
  6. The medical record number is not mandatory and that space can be used for field such as the driver ID or employee ID. It could also be left blank.

Based on the results of the driver medical forms and certificates that are filled in the drivers will be able to drive certain vehicles and some may be permitted or not permitted based on the data provided to operate and cross state lines or intercity zones.