You know you want to travel to an island resort location but there are so many options it can be quite overwhelming. If you‘re looking for a culture trip, after some authentic cuisine or simply want to relax on a beach, one of these islands is sure to satisfy your needs.

These are the best locations for any type of occasion whether it’s a getaway vacation from your daily life or a special honeymoon trip, you can be sure you’ve found the right spots.


The glistening turquoise waters, glowing white sand and plenty of luxury resorts, Fiji is a must visit location. The archipelago in the South Pacific is one of the hottest honeymoon locations. Even during the 2011 TV series “The Bachelorette” contestants had romantic dates on the islands. If you want that movie star honeymoon Fiji is the destination for you.

However Fiji isn’t just for the love birds either. If you’re a fan of surfing or diving, you’ll also appreciate the waves and the beautiful coral reefs that the archipelago has to offer.

As the islands are over 2000kms north of New Zealand you are sure to escape reality and get your mindset in the relaxing mood.


The volcanic archipelago in the central pacific is a tourist must visit location for any type of island resort getaway. If you’re after luxury combined with awesome scenery the island’s capital Honolulu is the destination for you.

The islands also have historical sites open to the public including the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument.

Hawaii is great for any type of adventurer. There are numerous amounts of beaches on offer with surfing and snorkelling also available. If you feel like going for a hike as well, you must check out the Koko Crater Trail.


Long ago the original island of Santorini was exploded into several smaller islands due to a massive volcanic eruption. As legend goes, it is said that the island is the original Atlantis. To add to the luxury of the archipelago the beaches glisten under the sun as well has harbouring some of the most amazing historical runes in the world.

Go on a hike to the Ancient Thera to see ruins of ancient empires, and see glistening pools of turquoise water. Afterwards you can enjoy the culture of the major towns and then relax on the red and black beaches to ease all of life’s stresses away.

This set of Greek islands is luxury at its finest and should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Raja Ampat

The Raja Ampat islands host some of the world’s best rainforests and luxury resorts. The Indonesian archipelago in West Papau is the best getaway location that is free from the stressful lifestyle of high rise buildings, loud noises and congested traffic.

The waters around Raja Ampat are covered in hundreds of different species of coral that spans over 9 million acres of underwater land. These numbers make the waters one of the most diverse living coral reefs in the world.

As well as snorkelling and admiring all the sea life, the archipelago has some amazing trails that are worth a track. At the end of a long day snorkelling or hiking you can relax at a luxurious Raja Ampat resort that is sure to make you forget about anything else.

After spending any time at the wildlife haven islands you won’t want to return to traditional civilisation.

When you’re looking for a getaway make sure you refer to this list so that your next island holiday is one to remember.