Being appointed as a manager is the first step to climbing the corporate ladder. But it requires that you be the best manager you can be. Here are some tips that will aid you to navigate your new role.

Prepare before promotion

If you are just around the corner from a promotion, make sure you get an idea of what to anticipate by reading up, taking classes and talking to people with experience. This will help you to stay top of the new position and will help ease into the role in a smoother manner.

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Recognize the newness

A promotion may mean that you’re moving to a managerial position from a different department. While you may not be the best initially, recognize and accept the newness of it all, and be open to learning and developing the new skill set required to do justice to your position.

Learn situational leadership

Not all employees are the same, nor do they share the same patterns and ideas. Being manager entails that you are aware of how to handle different employees and situations as necessary.

Get to know your employees

Familiarize yourselves with your team on a professional and personal level to build up trust and efficiency. It also makes it easier for you, as mentioned above, to learn how to deal with each employee in the right way.

Be an active listener

Active listening requires you to focus, understand and respond to the needs of others to foster an environment that is comfortable and inclusive for all. As a leader, active listening is one of the most important skills you need to master.


Be a boss, not a friend

Ensure that you keep professional boundaries and separate personal relationships from professional ones, and recognize that one does not have to come at the cost of the other.

Deal with performance issues

Even if your predecessor was prone to looking over poor performance issues, it is your responsibility to deal with the same in effective ways.

Respect employees

Being in a superior role does not make you superior to anyone. Treat everyone with dignity, take opinions and suggestions from your employees, and work as part of the team with them.

Be available and visible

The more you are involved with your team, the better they will perform.

Embrace your role as a leader

Don’t take your new role for granted or shy away from it. Embrace the responsibilities, and you’ll find yourself rewarded for the same.