Economic complications and higher standards of living have made saving money a difficult task for many difficult, but not impossible. Here are some ways to save money successfully.


Make a budget

Budgets help prioritize and balance your spending and saving. Update your budget annually and keep track of your expenditure such as bills, loans, and other miscellaneous expenses to make sure that you don’t spend more than you earn.

Track your spending

It is the smaller expenses, rather than the big ones, that cost us more. Keep track of your day-to-day expenditures and impulse expenditures, and compare it to your budget to ensure that you aren’t living beyond your means.

Pay off your credit card

Setting up a direct debit payment can avoid the hassle and extra expenditure of interest rates and late-payment fees on credit cards. Also try to find cash-back reward programs, redeem your rewards and pool them into your savings account as well.

Open a savings account

Deposit your discretionary into a savings account by rounding down your transaction account balance, as well as by setting up scheduled deposits from the latter to the former which helps cut back on impulsive spending.

Focus on recurring expenses

Your large, recurring expenses are where you can save the most – for instance, finding cheaper plans for electricity, internet, or gas provisions will help cut down on your costs by almost half the original.

Control your impulses

Willpower is paramount to controlling the urge to spend more on things you want rather than need. Think about the necessity of something that catches your attention before splurging on it.

Money saving

Bill smoothing

This kind of payment system is offered by certain utility providers where you can pay your bills in installments rather than in one go. Arranging your expenses accordingly will help you stow away money for emergency expenses.

Meal planning

Grocery and food shopping ahead of time, perhaps weekly, and from lower-priced stores will help cut down your extra expenditures on the same during the week.

Avoid a poverty mentality

Though some people consider being frugal a virtue, being too thrifty keeps you away from smart ways of earning more. The only way to move forward financially is by earning, saving and investing.

Be a ‘promiscuous consumer’

Being too loyal to certain brands give them an opportunity to take advantage of you. The threat of leaving for another vendor puts you in a position to bargain and get better offers.